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Tablet Floor Stand

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Enjoy your life and work with our amazing Tablet Floor Stand!

✅ Modern Design: Angle & Height adjustable freely
✅ Two Holders Included: Apply for all size of phones & 7" - 14"

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✅ Switch Easily, ✅ Charge Hole

Tablet Floor Stand


  • Two-way pull clamp, with a larger distance, can stretch 173 mm on both sides of the pull clamp, and the mobile phone/tablet can be switched freely.
  • CNC fine processing of anodic oxidation, precise milling, grasp the details, anodic oxidation process, creating a fine surface and texture.
  • Weighted base, non-dumping, aluminum alloy integrated forming base, front and rear thickness increasing color agent, stable center of gravity, anti-dumping.
  • Folding portable, two-axis mechanism design, angle, height can be adjusted.


  • Scope of application: Full range of smartphones, 7-10 inch tablet computers
  • Angle:360-degree rotation
  • Anti-skid: Silicone Protection
  • Material: aluminium alloy + ABS + silicone
  • Color: Silver
  • Folding size: 215x65x37mm/8.46×2.55×1.45”
  • Expansion size:160x160x180mm/6.29×6.29×7.08”

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