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Non-stick Flippin' Pancake Maker

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Fantastic, the fast, easy and fun way to make perfect pancakes. Just lift and flip. That’s it! The secret is the non-stick silicone rings.

The Flippin’ Fantastic is specially designed to hold the batter to the perfect shape and even cooking. While the flat bottom ring supports everything. So when it’s time…simply lift and flip. Flippin’ Fantastic works are awesome with eggs, string potatoes and so much more!

Flippin’ Fantastic is stovetop safe silicone so it won’t burn or damage your pan while the EZ flip grips keep hands safely away from the heat. Add this amazing cookware to your kitchen today!

PANCAKE MOLD RING: Perfect To make delicious pancakes, eggs, hash browns, brownies. High-quality kitchen bakeware. You can even prepare up to 7 pancakes at the same time.

FOOD GRADE SILICONE: Made of 100% food-grade silicone, FDA approved,100% non-toxic silicone with no aftertaste.

FLEXIBLE AND NON-STICK: The flexible silicone and non-stick finish allow for easy release of baked goods and desserts, easy to clean, compression deformation, can be used repeatedly.

SAFE TO USE: Temperature Safe from -104 to +446 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to +230 degrees Celsius) Safe use in Microwave, Oven, Refrigerator, Freezer, and Dishwasher.

SUCCESSFUL PERFORMANCE: Before use, please use butter or olive oil lubrication on the pot, you can also lubricate the mold.
  1. like making filled pancakes - usually with ricotta - and this item worked really well for that. I use a griddle set to 350 degrees.
  2. Use just enough batter to cover the bottom of the mold.
  3. Place the filling, then spread and flatten a bit.
  4. Add more batter to cover the filling.
  5. After 6-8 minutes or so, 'test' to see if ready to flip - first slide a spatula underneath to completely loosen from pan, then lift up slightly on a tab and see if pancake keeps the shape or if it starts sinking through the middle. Wait until firm enough to flip.
  6. Flip, then cook about two minutes more (depends on the thickness of batter and pancake).
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