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CS™ Nail Cutter



These CS™ nail clippers eliminate that problem completely because of the no-splash design.
The CS™ Nail Cutter with catcher is also the most interesting design-wise, with its ergonomic shape, smooth feel.
Their heavy-duty and tough feet nails won't break this clipper. It is also slightly less heavy at 68g compared to similar models than the common, and can still easily fit into even the smallest toiletry bag.

  • GREAT INGENUITY IN THE DESIGN: This CS™ Nail Clippers with catcher design to prevent nails from splashing everywhere in process of nails clipping. Both the nail clippers and the nail file come in a very nice leather case, that works great for men and women no problem for both hands and feet
  • CLEANER THAN THE REST: CS™ nail clippers have a catcher so we don't have to worry about clipping flying all over the room. Unlike many of them that have large gaps where the clippings still manage to fly out, this nail cutter does a good job of containing them
  • SHARP CRAFTED JAW: This heavy-duty nail cutter set is made of sturdy stainless steel, sharp curved blade with 6mm nail depth opening allows trimming fingernails and toenails with precision, cutting the nails without breaking, pulling or tearing the nail, and keeping nails more groom
  • PREMIUM LEVER ENGINEERING: This nail clipper is solidly built and much stronger than the commonly used rivet-plunger mechanism. We lift up and flip a small lid underneath to use to solve the problem of easily broken, and the tension of the lever is strong enough to provide leverage especially for thick nails
  • VALUED CLASSY DETAILS: These nail clippers set with non-slip grip, longer and wide handle, and extra-wide tail are easier to grip than other nail trimmers, helping to trim nails inaccurate. This CS™ nail cutter with catcher comes with a beautiful storage case that is gift-ready

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