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Kangaroo Hoodie

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Our Kangaroo Hoodie lets you walk around with your pet in your pocket! The soft hoodie features a front kangaroo-style pocket for kittens, cats, puppies, or small dogs.

It's perfect for lounging around, keeping your pet warm, or going for walks.

This hoodie is amusing and cute. A perfect gift for pet lovers .

The Kangaroo Pouch Hoodies Pullover Sweater is not a specialized pet carrier that It would be a better alternative than a plastic pet carrier that she/he stays in it pretty comfy if she/he is a small one.

  • Someone said, my cat loves jumping into the pocket and sitting there while being pet. I am able to take my cat into rooms that are off-limits for him while he is in the pocket because he sits there comfortably purring. 

  • Someone said, it's a warm time to stay with my kitten when I am sitting down and play on my computer or reading.


  • Unisex hooded pullover sweatshirt
  • Lightweight material
  • Front kangaroo-style pocket fits small pets
  • Pocket is lined with super soft faux fur to keep your pet comfortable and warm
  • Zipper pockets for extra storage
  • Front pouch pocket for your own hands
  • Fits true to size
  • Variety of color options

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