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Flashing Jumping New Skip Ropes

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Let the children play their unique creativity with this Flashing Jumping New Skip Ropes

You can also have fun while playing with your Kids,Strengthen communication and Promote family relationship.
It is made of high quality material, Safe, non-toxic, and environment friendly to ensure your safety.
It has beautiful and unique design, give your child a happy and memorable childhood.
  • Built-in LED lamp beads, eye-catching at night
  • Inductive power generation
  • Durable,Sponge protects the ankle
  • Upgrade, LED lighting
  • Continuous illumination, no battery required
  • Wear-resistant, drop-resistant, beautiful colors
  • A thick sponge layer protect kid's ankle
  • Bold rod, not easy to break
  • Challenge your children's imaginations and keep them active 



  • Product Category: Bouncing Ball
  • Material: ABS
  • Flash jump length: about 60cm
  • Lamp diameter: about 10cm
  • Product Usage: This product is mainly applied to outdoor activities, training children’s spring and response ability.

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