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Cute 3D Christmas iPhone Case

This phone case is the perfect addition to your Christmas essentials. Feeling festive is what Christmas is about and this phone case is sure to get you on board. A thoughtful gift for a loved one or an indulgent treat for oneself. Make this the merriest Christmas of them all.

These Christmas phone cases are the perfect festive accessory.
This one of a kind case is the perfect gift for anyone!
If you are looking for a little extra protection then our TOUGH cases are perfect for you!
Cases are designed to protect your phone from damage at the same time reflecting your interests, passion, hobby or anything that is special to you or loved ones around you.

  • Clear open ports!
  • Wireless charging compatible!
  • Slim and lightweight form.
  • Dual-layer case for extra durability and protection.
  • TPU lined Impact-resistant outer shell.

Note: When choosing, for example, iPhone X & XS, the case will fit both phone models. The same goes for other variants that are grouped together. If you need any help please contact us.

Important: The images included are just a representation of the designs and not the shape of the phone you have. When selecting the phone model you have, rest assured that you will receive a case that exactly fits your phone.

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